The loss to South Carolina was a tough one to swallow for Georgia players and fans because they outplayed the defending SEC East Champions, but made too many mistakes when it was all said and done.

But Georgia head coach Mark Richt is probably felling the worst.

Before the game against the Gamecocks, many believed that Richt had to win the game in order to save his job.

His job was not in danger whether the Bulldogs won or lost because he’s still the head coach today. But the hot seat talks are heating up and will continue to heat up until Georgia start winning ball games.

So that leads to a question that should be asked. Is there anything Richt can do to save his job? When a coach is in danger of being fired, the only remedy is winning which is something the Bulldogs need to start doing sooner than later.

The Bulldogs have Coastal Carolina this Saturday so that should be a win. After that they have Ole Miss on the road and will come back home the week after to face Mississippi State. If the Bulldogs play those games like they did against South Carolina, they will have a win streak heading into the month of October.

And speaking of October, the Bulldogs play Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Florida, and those are also winnable games. So they could get on a little run if they improve each time they step on the field.

The last month of the regular season includes Auburn, New Mexico State, Kentucky and Georgia Tech. Again, all winnable games, but they have to be a better team than what they showed the last two games.

Let’s say Georgia wins eight of its next 10 games and go to the Chick-fil-A bowl, does Richt lose his job? How about nine? How about if they win six games again, is there no question about him leaving?

For Richt, it’s now a matter of finding a way to make his team better each week. They showed strides in the South Carolina game, but they still have a ways to go. If they improve each week but only win the next six games, then Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity has a tough decision to make.

What Richt has to do is find a way to win consistently. Ever since 2007, the program has not been the same and Richt has got to find a way to make things like they were when he started.

Should he take over as offensive coordinator? Would that help? Should he be more aggressive in practice? Or is it too late to do anything and he is just a lame duck until the season ends? All these questions are valid because from 2001-2007, the Bulldogs were winning on a consistent basis. Their worst year was in 2006 when they went 9-4 and they finish the season strong and that carried over to a 11-2 season including a Sugar Bowl win.

Any fan of the Bulldogs appreciate what Richt has done for the programs since 2001 and he will go down as one of the greatest coaches in Georgia history. In fact, some could argue that Georgia is the best team in the BCS era to not win a BCS title.

But the Bulldog nation wants a BCS championship and in order to do that they have to win ball games consistently. And for some reason, teams under Richt can’t seem to do it anymore.