The term "fan" is short for "fanatic." I've participated in my share of ridiculous fanatic talk and outrageous fan behavior. You will not find a region in this nation where the term "fanatic" reaches such irrational levels as SEC country.

When I heard the popular cheer in Alabama this week, I just wrote it off as fans having a good time with a rivalry game that has become the de facto national championship game for many of those southern fanatics.

"LS-Who?" is all over the place. It's on social media. It has been on hundreds of signs in the stands at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa. It will likely become a rockus chant at ESPN Gameday on Saturday morning. 

Anyone who watches college football for more than five minutes every weekend knows exactly who LSU is. 

The Bayou Bengals have blistered five ranked teams on their way to an 8-0 record. The first of that group of five was ranked No. 3 in the nation at game time and it remains as the only blemish on current BCS No. 8 Oregon's record. 

LSU also defeated then-No. 16 West Virginia in Morgantown by nearly four touchdowns. The Tigers also blasted a then-top 20 ranked duo of Florida and Auburn by a combined 65 points. 

Alabama has faced some stiff competition as well. Dispatching three ranked teams by a combined 68 points, the Tide has clearly distinguished itself as one of the top two teams in the country. 

Alabama and LSU are both among the top ten teams in the nation in nearly every defensive statistical category.

No one is trying to figure out either team at this point. Question marks are simply non-existent in this matchup of the century. 

Alabama has a slight edge due to the game being played in Tuscaloosa and the Tigers need something to counter the emotional lift that the Tide will receive from their 12th man. 

In contests as evenly matched and incredibly hyped as this game, one slight edge in any category could be the difference in winning and losing. 

I would propose that LSU head coach Les Miles force his players to listen to those "LS-Who" chants on constant loop in the hours leading up to kickoff. 

Anything that can give the No. 1 team added motivation in the No. 2 team's backyard should be utilized to its fullest. 

If Alabama knocks the Tigers off, let "LS-Who?" ring from every corner of the Capstone. But if the Tide can't get it done at home, let that be the rallying cry for the Tiger faithful from now through the fourth quarter of BCS National Championship Game in January.